July 11 2021 9:58am

Covid-19 Updates

Updates on Covid-19:

Update re Parish Protocols and Restrictions At this time, we wish to ensure that all parishes are aware that there are no current restrictions in place relating to liturgical practices.

  • Mandatory use of masks is no longer required in churches. This includes those distributing Holy Communion. Some may wish to continue to
    mask and we ask that individual decisions are respected.
  • The use of hand-sanitizer stations in the church, while not a requirement, is still considered a best practice, especially moving into flu season.
  • It is permitted to use parish confessionals once again. You may request that penitents continue to make use of masks, given the close proximity
    of the priest and penitent. Holy Communion on the tongue is permitted.
  • We should refrain from the Precious Blood being distributed to the faithful at this time. At the Sign of Peace, the faithful will probably be more comfortable not shaking hands, but bowing.

See below for the memo from the Archdiocese:

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